Made for the Outdoors

Who I am...

Hello, my name is Danny Hallam and I absolutely love so many of the wonders that nature offers us and many, many activities which can be enjoyed by spending time outdoors. I am an educator and outdoor enthusiast. My career background is in teaching; I have QTS and have been teaching in a large variety of educational establishments all around Manchester and its suburbs delivering quality though largely classroom-based lessons since 2006. I have been an active member of the scout association all my life leading a cub section since 2007 and developed many of the skills I teach in the forest. I am now a qualified forest school practitioner (Level 3) and work independently to create and deliver tailored forest school programmes of weekly sessions running throughout the year.


What I offer...

Forest Schools is an innovative and highly relevant educational approach developed in Scandinavia starting from the 1950's and introduced into the UK in 1995 by a handful of educationalists from Bridgewater College in Somerset. The approach builds on educationalist theories which highlight the importance of leading ones own learning and having the appropriate opportunities and support to do as such through a prolonged exposure to the right type of inspirational and community environment. By working very closely with school staff, I develop an environment like this for groups of children in local schools and introduce them to a large range of skills which they will spend a significant amount of time learning, developing competence in and taking responsibility for their own progress and achievement providing them with vital life skills such as independence, resilience, creativity, communication, teamwork, self-awareness, self-regulation, self-motivation, empathy and social skills.


We are made for the outdoors; I believe our natural home is the outdoors where we can feel unpressured and free to be ourselves. The opportunities for children to learn naturally are growing less and less. In times gone by children naturally spent a lot of time outdoors, largely in a natural environment even if only a small one. This independent free-play enabled a type of development that was often taken for granted. Unfortunately, in an urban environment in particular, it can be difficult or potentally dangerous to allow young children to have this much independence out of doors. Forest schools enables an education which many modern children have no access to in a safe and very progressive atmosphere.

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