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Adder and Ash Forest School



Dedicated to facilitating learning in the outdoors as a way to educate children of all ages; Adder and Ash opens up the forest as an environment for learning by creating a safe, child-led, and therefore liberating atmosphere.


The aim of forest school is to enable children to have the freedom to learn in their own time and in their own way about the way nature can enrich all our lives. In allowing independent learning at all times, the outcome will be a heightening of emotional intelligence. That is to raise levels of self awareness, self regulation, self motivation, empathy and social skills.


That's the objective! The way we go about it includes lots of fun, interactive, teamwork activities and tasks based around learning a wide variety of skills such as knowledge and understanding of nature woodlands and ecology; practical woodworking skills; survival techniques; fire safety, management and proficiency; cooking in the forest, and much more.




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Adder and Ash


What’s in a name?


The stories passed down from our past by our ancient Viking and Celtic ancestors are ones which interest, educate and inspire. Forest school has numerous advantages as an approach to learning but, at its simplest it refers us back to a time when we lived side by side with nature.

The Adder has a rich and diverse mythological history of its own, often from Celtic origins. An Adder can portray a risk if treated without regard but can be a great benefit to the forest and to us if we learn respectfulness.

Ash is the discarded remnants of a burnt out fire or if we change our perspective, not only can fire ash have its own uses but it comes to mean much more in terms of its history and the excellent Ash tree provides wood used widely for many objects from archery bows to guitars, snooker cues, tools and buildings. In Norse Mythology, Yggdrasil, the tree of life, has been reported to have been an Ash tree; a serpent lives in the tree.

Our ancestors were the start of a developing society that has become the one in which we live today, however, with a much more fast-paced and distracting ambiance. It does us good sometimes to slow down and really get involved in our own well-being.


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